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The astrological predictions for 2018 are based on your Moon sign.

Don’t assume the predictions 2018 as the final result because the effect of planets on any individual also depends on the Dashas (periods) and planetary positions in birth chart.

You are out of SANI-DDHAIYA now and Saturn will be in your 9th house whole year giving rise to your income through real hard work and minimise obstacles and opposition. Jupiter in 7th house; aspecting 1st, 3rd and 11th house; will minimize all bad effects but be careful about your personal and professional relationships. Mars is also in 7th house in the beginning of the year which will give some opportunities of sudden gains.

Jupiter will change sign and it will go in your 8th house in the later part of the year. This will give you opportunities to travel far distances, but your health is a matter of concern in the end of this year.

Remedy: Visit Vishnu - temple to get relief from most of your worries.

Lucky Colour: Red.

Lucky Months: Jan, Apr, Jul, Sep.

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