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The major role of Astrology lies in identification of afflicting planets in Birth Chart.

S.K. Srivastava Ji advises methods to counteract these negative effects depending on native’s birth chart.

The Remedies Used Are:-

• Gemstone Therapy
• Name Balancing
• Mantras (to be done by oneself)
• Daans(to be done by oneself only)
• Puja(Fasts & Maala)
• Color Therapy, Lucky Colors
• Vaastu Shastra Tips & Principles
• Some Simple & Practical Scientific Steps


This is one of the most effective, scientific astrological remedy that has been used since Vedic Ages. Gemstones are a very powerful medium and are used to gain fortune, wealth and protection.

Gemstones are recommended based on calculations of a native’s horoscope, i.e, position and degree of planets in birth chart and planetary periods. These are used to strengthen the positive effects of favorable planets and scale the benefits to a much greater level.

A correct gemstone will help a native boost his luck, education, prosperity, business, health, marriage, property, etc. It is very important to wear a correct gemstone. If a person wears a wrong gemstone, it will give adverse effects.

The date, time and process of wearing gemstones is very important and should be properly followed as recommended.

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