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Marriage is one of the very important aspects of human life.

Match-making or the matching of horoscopes of the boy and girl for a happy married life is very essential. Ignorance of match-making at the time of marriage can lead to marital disaster and tensions affecting health, longevity, career.

It is a general perception that match compatibility is judged by “gunas” or points gained. If they are 18 or above, that is enough to fix the match. Secondly, another aspect that is considered is “Manglik Dosh.”

But, there have been several cases where these two factors have been satisfied, but still marriages have landed in disaster - like separation of one partner from another(death), ill health, childlessness, divorce, etc.

Hence, there are other factors that need to be analyzed in horoscope of boy and girl when match making is done. These include:

• Life Expectancy
• Mental Compatibility
• Child Birth
• Health Aspects
• Divorce/Separation Issues

If these factors are satisfied and balanced by the horoscopes of the boy and girl, then their marriage is recommended. Such a match will give the couple happiness, togetherness, prosperity and healthy life. Also, the date of marriage should be on Shubh Mahurat to guard off marital disasters and problems and assure that marriage proves to be happy and lucky.

Remember, Marriage ceremonies will be over in a day or two, but its implications and effects will last until death.

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