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Jyotish is derived from two hindi words- “Jyoti” and “Ish” meaning “light to see God”, it means, “Light to see what is destined in life”.

It is believed that heavenly bodies, including the planets, have an influence on human beings and their lives. Also, it is believed that whatever planetary influences a human life faces are the “FRUIT OF KARMA” of past life and current birth.

The Vedic system of Astrology, i.e., Jyotish, is based on Vedas and is considered to be the most traditional system of astrology. It deals with Principles of Maharishi Parashar and Maharishi Jamini.

Jyotish has been used over long decades for analyzing horoscopes.

It involves detailed calculations and mathematical approach for predicting future events based on data such as Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth.

Though the knowledge of astrology can be gained by thorough study of books and ancient texts, but it is selfless approach and strong intuitive powers what makes few very rare great astrologers to make perfect predictions by supreme grace of God.

Vedic system revolves around the position of nine planets(Grahas), the 27 Nakshatras, Dashas, Antar Dashas and Gochara(planetary transits).

The analysis and study of a person’s horoscope helps in knowing future course of events in life with respect to:

• Health                       • Finance                       • Jobs
• Career                       • Marriage                     • Business
• Education                 • Relationships              • Foreign Trip
• Property                    • Children                     • Court-Cases

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