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The astrological predictions for 2024 are based on your Moon sign.

Don’t assume the predictions 2024 as the final result because the effect of planets on any individual also depends on the Dashas (periods) and planetary positions in birth chart.

Your sign lord Saturn is in 12th house, which means your 1st phase of SANI SADE-SATI will start showing its impact on you. Jupiter is in your 11th house; aspecting your 3rd house, 5th house and 7th house. All this planetary combination will minimise bad effect of sade -sati and increase in gains through real struggle. Your religious faith and expenditure will rise in this part of year. You must prepare yourself for some real tough challenges as your pains and agony will increase in this part of the year.

In the later part of the year, Jupiter will change its sign and will go to your 12th house; giving relief to your health and threats through religious beliefs.


Remedy: Visit Shani - temple on every Sat.


Lucky Colour: Black


Lucky Months: Mar, Jun, Oct, Nov.